[DCARI] Dreadnoughtz Conclave is Recruiting!

The Dreadnoughtz Conclave [DCARI]

We are Vet Group of Noobs looking for pilots to join our ranks! (NA, EU). A tight-knit group of gamers who have been EVEing for YEARS!! We encourage you to do whatever you want to do in EVE. Whether it be PVP, Exploration, Market Trading, Freight, Ratting, or Mining, we heavily encourage players to do what they want and make the MAXIMUM ISK anyway you can! Our Corporation offers lots of opportunities for those wishing to learn more about the game and its mechanics. We are Noob Friendly!!! Let us teach you all the crazy bubkis we’ve learned with the leadership having over 40+ years of combined EVE experience; from FCing to Industry!

We Offer:
⦿ Null Sec! Frell Empire Space; Rule Space with us instead!!
⦿ Mining with weekly moons and plenty of ICE to mine! No Corp Mining Taxes! Keep all you mine! Sell it, trash it, it’s your time, do whatever you want with it!
⦿ PI (Planetary Interaction) Program; Corp Programs and Alliance Programs are AVAILABLE! We own a frell-ton of POCOs!!! MAKE THAT ISK! AGGGGH!
⦿ PVP - Small fleets, Large fleets, Deployments for content!! We offer Basic Training with lots of PVP ships ready to hand out for members passing 3 months of probation! Want to learn to FC? Frell yes!
⦿ Buyback programs such as Moon Goo and PI; SELL ME STUFF!
⦿ PVE/Ratting; Spin Ishtar’s and Vexor’s, Buy/Sell Escalation Sites from the Alliance Market through Discord$$$
⦿ Pochven Content; Go make Billions out there! Seriously some of those fleets make like 200m ticks, it’s frelling nuts!
⦿ Exploration; Data Sites your jam? A whole region is for your picking! Never done them? We’ll frelling teach you!
⦿ Ship Replacement Programs are offered for Strat Ops with incentives for LOGI pilots; Go DIE in fiery explosions and loot fields!
⦿ Corp PVP Ships; We got hangers full of them!!!
⦿ Alliance Freight Services; Need stuff hauled? Want to be a Hauler? Make ISK and put your overpriced Jump Freighters to use!

Basic Requirements:
⦿ +15M Skill Points with at least 100 days of Main Character Lifetime; We want you to actually be able to do stuff!
⦿ Mumble and Discord; Come Chill out on discord and trash talk about w/e you want!
⦿ Understands or has fluent English; Speak British? Come join our Dry Ass Humor!
⦿ Full ESI check; Because SPAIS!!!
⦿ Have a team player mindset; Because shenanigans with friends is best!!!
⦿ Enjoy Stellaris? GTA5? League of Legends? Hello Kitty Island Adventure? We play other games as well ( EVE is Life tho )

Interested or have questions? Come and talk to us!
⦿ In-game Corporation Name: Dreadnoughtz Conclave
⦿ In-game Channel: TheDreadnoughtz - Message a recruiter in the MOTD or join our discord!
⦿ Discord: https: //discord.gg/Xnpr9CnZXt - Simply get on and ping @ Dreadnoughtz for someone to talk too!!

Stay safe out there in this FRELLING crazy world!
AND always remember to:

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These guys made me come back in to the game afther 3 years and still playing eve and having a awsome time

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Awesome Group, i’ve been flying with them for 2 years. This is the first corp i’ve been where all the isk generated is kept by the members (Can confirm now that i’m 2nd in command and have access to the corp wallet).

Thanks to this corp im able to comfortably pay for my 3 accounts with isk I generate in game due to our high value moons and access to safe ratting/exploration systems. At the same time you get to go on roams with free ships to learn pvp and have a jump bridge network that leads us straight to content.

Most of us are veterans with 6+ years in game, and can teach you about whatever activity you wish to try.


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Hello buddy’s join us my friends





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This corp amazing members willing to teach newer player all they need to know about plexing their accounts with ingame money, they also organize daily roams with free ships trying out different compositions and strategies.