Still New looking for friendly corp

Only 17mil skill points probably all over the place with no real direction. haha
But looking for friendly corp and a place to learn and have fun. Been playing virtually alone but i have been in a couple corps but none the helped much.

You should check out Matari Money Makers. We fly Minmatar Ships, and our long term goal is to grow the net worth of all our members. We are currently steeped in a recruitment + training phase of our corps development, so as a new player, this is the perfect time to join us. Daily fleets up at 0100 eve time, focused on accessible content for newer players to learn and make ISK in. Plus other fleets happening in other times with a variety of focus between combat and industry.

Here’s a link to our discord: Matari Money Makers

you are welcome with us.

Hey, Dark
Come check out our post! Lots of info there for you and you can also reach out to us with any additional questions you might have!

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small corp mainly EU TZ, moving to brave collective soon, some of us are willing to give u a helping hand/some direction, only commitment we ask from players is reg log-ins/contact. jump into shield107 in game or mail me Edrik Prime for a chat in more depth.

come check us out and have a chat - I don't like morning people....or mornings....or people - #7 by Clara_Precesdei

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If you are EU based feel free to come check us out!

Wanna become space rich? I have the right group for you. From Rags 2 Riches is a corp created by old vets training new and excising (alphas and omegas alike), in the best ways of making ISK in EVE. Heres a link to our forum post. Or If you want feel free to send us a message on discord.


If you haven’t found your friendly/helpful corp yet then come have a chat with us. We are a fairly small group but everyone is helpful and we do not mind answering questions at all.