GRiMM HounDs seeking New & Old Players


-☜★☞- GRIMM HOUNDS -☜★☞
GriMM HouNds is recruiting select pilots for 0.0 PvP.

We are a member of SoNs of BaNe Alliance who live in null. We are a primarily a USTZ PvP corp who want aggressive and talented pvp pilots to fly with us. We will accept EUTZ/AUTZ pilots who retain leadership qualities and who would like add growth in their timezones. GriMM is a small gang style PvP corp that ventures into Low Sec and lives in Null.

  • Newbro and Returning player friendly.
  • Be active and able to use coms
  • 18+ Corp, No Drama!

What we offer:

  • Daily PvP ops/engagements
  • Heavy activity in US and EU TZ’s but have a AUTZ presence
  • Space for Ratting/Mining/Indy/PI
  • Buy Back programs for both PVE’Rs and MINERS
  • SRP for Fleet ops
  • A great community for bad jokes, good laughs and a great place to spend your time!

Join GRIMM PUBLIC in game or join our Discord:
SOB Corp/Member Recruitment.

Bump - Looking for Early and Late USTZ pilots to pvp with. We got content on the daily. Focused in small gang but there are options all around.

Bump - LF a chill place to hang out? Kill stuff on the fly? Come see why we are one of the oldest corps in eve.

Bump for moar bros…


Bump for moar bros

Bump for Christmas!

We are accepting the next set off newbros, just trained our second batch of 5.

Lets go USTZ, we got stuff to do and need more to do it with! - Bump

Merry Christmas Bump

Happy New Years! Looking for people to fly with! just look for me in game if interested!

Winter has come, its time to set things on fire. Come be apart of it.





Bump- Day

Bump for Trump

Shoop da whoop we’s open for bizznuss

Growing stronger every day, come see what we are doing!