[DCOM] is seeking all players interested - a kind hand in the void of space!

Welcome, space farer!

Domionist Commonwealth of Confederated States [DCOM] is recruiting new members! We recently formed and alliance with Sudden Egress [SUDES] , under the banner of Violent Harmony [VHARM]

DCOM Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98653013/

DCOM is a newbie, PvP, and community centered corporation, centered around grabbing new players, returning vets, and folk who might have ping fatigue. The only requirements are level 3 in scanning skills as it’s required to scan if you’re in WHs. Presently we reside in a C3 WH with a Low Sec static that often runs into Faction Warfare space - meaning potential content. If you’re at all interested in joining a budding corporation and alliance and feel like you’re making an impact, go ahead and click the [VHARM] discord link below. Someone there will direct you to either DCOM or SUDES depending on your interests!

✪ Zero drama - we’re all here for a good time
✪ Newbie oriented/all SP welcome - only need scanning skills
✪ Buybacks being set up for most WH activities
✪ Solid amount of ship contracts in home space, and a core logistics team
✪ Weekly WH Explo Bounty Program
✪ PI in home system has all owned POCOs
✪ Budding Industry - Production, Reprocessing, and Research!

DCOM is looking for:
✓ Players with the will to learn
✓ People to grow/network a newer corporation
✓ People able to participate in PvP as well as krab
✓ People owning Mics is preferred, we use Discord as communication
✓ People who are interested in playing other games as well as Eve, during lower content days

If you’re interested in Eve Online at all, are returning to the game, leaving some larger corporation from ping-fatigue, or just want a change a pace, our discord link is here:

Or you may drop a message in DCOMS Recruitment channel, looking for Mack Saoirse, merci halo, or bandht ungabungas.

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