Dead Corp being revived. Looking for an Alliance

SO. I’m an old pilot. started back in 2015…
did the null thing 260 days.
started my own corp, under the assumption I was a security corp… joined an alliance.
Back to null… as a miner… 2289 days, a few alliances and several years of logging on every once n awhile in order to: sell skills from alts, make new main accounts and sell skills from old main accounts,fly 100+ jumps flights to gather all my alt’s and my dead corp’s ass…ets, mining in HS, failing, more years of not logging on much, in order to attempt to live in this flippin galaxy. I’m back again ANNNDDD… now I’m actually doing the Pi thing lol… What I want is to join an Alliance. I want to learn… I want to rebuild my corp and actually be able to play.
I am trained in Gallente ships.

I’d be happy to take your corp and give you time to re-build. Pochven has great PI. The story of Red Skies is similar to yours, a bit of stop and start, but back on the path of building. You’d have the benefit of being allies with some of the bigger names in Pochven without all the rules and expectations. Send me a mail or message in game to discuss more.

Good luck!

Welcome back to the game and congrats on your first forum post Fu Allan,

We have a great corp, we cover various aspects of eve from mining to pvp and everything in between. We are looking to expand our community, would welcome you and any of your eve friends to come and join us. If you are interested in leadership roles, opportunities are available. Hope we hear back from you, teaser evemail sent.

Hello Mate

Not sure about your time zone but instead of restarting from scratch why not join our little band of nut cases. We focus on PVP though so not sure what you want to do.

Have a read and if it sounds good then come say hello in our Public in-game or Discord.

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