(Updated) Small Alliance Looking for Start-Up Wormhole Corps (C3/Null) EU/US

Red Skies has a cozy little Astrahus in a quiet little C3 with a static null connection. If you’re looking for a wormhole for your start-up small or one-person corp, consider joining Red Skies.

What we do:
▼ Combat Sites
▼ Ore / Gas Mining
▼ Data / Relic Sites
▼ PI with 0% POCO tax
▼ Moon mining
▼ Exploration

What we offer:
▼ Our own C3 with static null
▼ Athanor for refining, reactions, and moon mining
▼ Alliance buyback program in the wormhole system
▼ Friendly, laid back environment and comms with minimal participation requirements
▼ Inclusive, LGBTQ+ friendly, low-cringe people and content
▼ Discord, of course
▼ Primarily EUTZ, but happy to branch out.

Join the “Red Skies. Public” channel in-game to speak to a representative or join the Red Skies Discord

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Looking for small corps, 1-person corps, or anyone else wanting to give Pochven a go.

Lot of folks coming back to the game, interested in seeing what Pochven has to offer. We can help you get your bearings and give you a warm station to tuck into at night. :slight_smile:

Welcoming corps of any size.

Hi there what is youre main TZ please.
I have 3 toons and want to give poch a try,only ever jumped in and back out again,so looking to try poch.
I have 2 toons at 170+mil sp and another at 90mil sp.
Done NS,LS,HS,WORMHOLE SPACE,so looking for some thing different ingame.
I dont get to play much cause of work stuff and home life,if i sound like a fit to corp or alliance mail pete1969 in game.
Cheers mate

Primarily EUTZ. I’ll send you a mail in-game.

Come on, get in here. We got stuffs to do. :wink:

Discover Pochven at your own pace. No required fleets or comms. Living in Pochven is stressful enough… your community shouldn’t be.

Recruiting is open again. Get in here.

Looking for PVP corps of any size.

Maybe you’re a veteran player with a couple of toons who’s ready to start your own corp. Or maybe your corp of friends is tired of your current area and looking for a new home. Either way, give us a shot.

Come shoot stuff!

“Move to Pochven”, they said. “It’ll be fun”, they said. They were right!

Need more killers.

Setting up a new discord, so look for a link soon. :slight_smile:

And here’s that Discord link: Red Skies

Gearing up for another week of owning the Senda killboard. Join up for good times.

Need more corps. Get in here!

Exciting stuff in the works. Come be part of it!

We’ve recently deployed our first Astrahus in a quiet little C3 with a static null connection. If you’re looking for a wormhole for your corp, consider joining Red Skies and help us build out our new home away from Pochven.