(Updated) Small Alliance Looking for Start-Up Wormhole Corps (C3/Null) EU/US

Looking for a change? Wanna try new stuff? Join today!

Updated this posting to reflect that fact that we’re pretty much hanging in a wormhole these days and don’t really get back to Pochven that much. So if you’re looking to give wormholes a go, consider joining.

Looking for a new home? Come join us in the depths of unknown space. :slight_smile:

If you’re a small corp looking for a wormhole, or an individual looking to start your own corp or join a start-up corp, check us out.

Looking for more corps and pilots. Join our discord to see if our community is a good fit for you.

We now have a 90% alliance buyback program in the wormhole system. Come live with us!

We just launched an athanor, so we now have refining, reactions, and moon mining!

Always looking for more corps or pilots!