Deadman's Squad is recruiting

DMSQD is Selectively Recruiting Active Pilots to join our ranks!

We are recruiting individuals in all fields of expertise (Mining, Trading, RORQ PODS) that are willing to maintain a active killboard while participating on Corp and Alliance ops. We are mainly a PVP corp focused on small gang and sometimes blops activities. We’re looking for active haulers and marketeers as well.

Our two corp requierements are the following (failure to meet them will result in trial failure) :

- Maintain a Proper Activity level on Fleet Participation (PAPS Alliance and Corp)

- Be a Sociable person and integrate into our corp culture. (Be on
Teamspeak/Discord and socialize with fellow corp members)

What We Offer to Members:
-Excellent Krabbing/Mining Space
-Upgraded Citadels for Manufacturing, Reasearch, Refining, and Supercap Production.
-Alliance Level Fleets and Corp Small Gang Roams
-Corp Ore Buyback Program
-Corp Cap/Supercap Subsidies
-Alliance Super Srp

Take a look at our requirements here: (10mil SP minimum)
Want more information? Go to our in game channel, “DMSQD” - or send me a message.

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Recruitment is still open!

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