DMSQD is Recruiting

DeadMan’s Squad is Recruiting active pilots

Recruitment Requirements

  • 15M SP
  • Must be able to field a bomber and T2/T3 Cruisers
  • At least one alt (on a separate account)
  • Willing to train a capital alt (preferably a dread or a fax)
  • Semi Decent Killboard
  • Have Discord/Mumble.
  • Be Self Sufficient

What we offer

  • Access to 2 Type of Ratting Space (Serps/Bloods)
  • Access to IMP Supercapital Market
  • Many Upgraded Facilities
  • Content deployments
  • Fun small gang warfare


Join “DMSQD” in-game and ask for a recruiter or join our discord:

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Still recruiting join “DMSQD” in game, or join our discord!

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Daily Bump, join “DMSQD” in game or join our discord!

Bump, join DMSQD in game or join our discord!

Bump, join DMSQD in game, our our discord!

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