Thank you already found a corp!

Hi! So as you can see im looking for a corp - pvp/pve one.

I have played quite a bit a few years back, but due to work had to leave my char just to train… so yeah…
think of me as a noob who is looking for fun… and explosions!

Looking for - a corp mostly in EU timezone, english speaking. no russian thank you very much had enough of those…

I’m 24years old, link to my char - GipS Narbutas.

Thats about it. :slight_smile:

Hi Gips,

DMSQD is recruiting US/EU TZ pilots that prefer to live in Nullsec and know how to be self-sufficient (know how to make your money). We are a growing corp with lots of S2N (RIP Nulli Secunda) The-Culture, Violence Of Action, NC. , Black Legion vets. We aim to grow and be a competent corp in Test Alliance Please Ignore.

What We Offer:

Sov Null (Esoteria and Paragon Soul)
Content (always people to shoot in Stain…Stainwagon and Fwends)
Access to good farming space.
Small to large scale fights. Just because we are in Test doesn’t mean we don’t Roam.
Blops Drops.
Alliance Doctrine SRP
Willingness to Help Newbros in omega State. Help you become self Sufficient in eve.
Capital SRP (Dread, Carrier, Fax)
We also offer a more family feeling as our size allow us to talk and know each other. We are active on coms and will always be willing to talk and chill and our chan with you.

What we Require:

10 Million Sp (Can Be Waived By Leadership if you Meet our Other Requirements)
Must Be Able to Fly 3 Test Comps or Logies(Mach/Cane/Jackdaw/Mael/Inty/Basi/Scimi/Ferox/Nestor)
Must Try to participate on Strat Ops/Cta’s
Must Have an Active PVP Killboard. ( Even if it sucks atleast we can see if you have the PVP Drive to Learn and Participate on fleet)
Must have Discord/Mumble/Jabber. (We want people to socialize with corp members on Mumble/Discord)

Join our public channel and come have a chat DMSQD

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