Dead's Prostitutes - EU/US TZ Nullsec - Small gang

You now have a chance to join one of the best corps of EVE Online. D–P also called Dead’s Prostitutes.

We’re a nullsec corp that is living under INIT.

Our focus is PvP. We’ve got some very talented players and lots of them have been playing together for the last few years.

What we offer

  • PvP fleets, multiple a week. Almost daily 5-10man yeet fleets. Small gang fleets, big capital fleets and more.
  • PI program, free haulers, command centers etc. Help with PI setup also.
  • PvP ships discounted.
  • Mining fleets, ore and ice. With boosts.
  • Abyssal fleets and ships.
  • Mission fleets.
  • Very chill player base, around 40 people.

What we require

  • Not much TBH. Be self sufficient.
  • 10 million SP at least (special cases can occur and will be reviewed individually.)
  • Be active, follow the alliance requirements.
  • Join the fleets you can, RL comes first.

Full API will be required.

Ingame channel: D–P Dressing Room

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