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Deadspace Unlimited is Recruiting!

Deadspace Unlimited [DEDX] is a survivalist, combat and combat-support corporation and proud member of Freight Train Diplomacy [BOOM]. We are working on expanding our capabilities in null and low security space. DEDX is designed to be real-life compatible, fun first and resilient.

DEDX is recruiting pilots in USTZ and EUTZ to participate in combat operations and general nullsec activity. Currently operating out of Providence region in support of Freight Train Diplomacy. We have a chill, collegial, and tight knit atmosphere, and are welcoming new friends and allies into the corp. We offer all the things people enjoy as part of living in nullsec space. If you don’t know those things, come find out!

Expectations and Requirements:

• We expect new members to be interested in learning, participating in fleet operations, and other activities of interest, while keeping things fun and lighthearted doing all the things.
• Must have at least one Omega account.
• Training towards or being able to fly our mainline doctrines.
• Train to be a solid self sufficient member of the team, that can handle themselves in any situation.
• *Newbros are welcome to apply if you are ready to start an adventure and learn the ropes.

If you are ready to get started, come join the discord and start a chat:

*Pending interview and with limited newbro seats.


Recruitment is ongoing!

Recruitment continues!

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