Begin a New Adventure with Deadspace Unlimited [DEDX] - Chill, small-gang, and covert ops corp - multi-environment

Hello all, o7

Deadspace Unlimited [DEDX] is recruiting capable and talented pilots to fly all over the galaxy. We are also newbro and returning vet friendly, we will gear you and get you ready to do fleet ops and guide you to make your fortunes. Join us and friends and begin a new adventure, or just have a super chill time, that’s also allowed.

We are resilient pilots willing to defend themselves and our friends.

DEDX is designed to make EVE real life compatible and is a laid back environment. Come join our gang and fly with us in covert ops, small gang, medium gang, and psst, other stuff as well.

Things to Expect:
Multi-Environment Corp
Ship Replacement Program
Chill & Supportive Community
Nullsec & Lowsec Fleet Ops
Highsec Merc Ops

Basic Requirements:
Working Microphone
Full ESI check
Monthly Participation
Combat Ops

Connect with us in our discord:

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