Deadspace Unlimited [DEDX] part of -SAS- Alliance and Rekkingcrew is Recruiting

Greetings from DEDX to the community… o7

Deadspace Unlimited [DEDX] is opening recruitment and our Discord to new potential allies and friends. If you just started playing EVE and are starting your adventure, or perhaps you’re looking for a new Nullsec home corporation and interested connecting with new guys to fly with, come join us. Primary Time Zones are EUTZ and USTZ.

DEDX is a Small Gang Combat & Recon corporation. We currently operate out of Providence and fly with RekkingCrew as part of -SAS- Alliance. We are multi-environment, real-life conscious gaming team. We are chill to fly with and we dive into all environments of the game for fun, come join in the adventure!!

We do fun fleet ops at corporation level and a lot of other fleets and content is available at Alliance and Coalition level regularly. We have access to excellent infrastructure. We are a Newbro friendly team and strive to train capable new pilots and provide guidance when needed. Combat capable Industrialists and Experienced Capsuleers interested in being mentors are also welcome.

Would you like to know more? Come join our Discord:

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