Deadstripe Privateer Operation Corps - Earn Your Stripes

We are Deadstripe, a fiercely independent new wormhole based privateer outfit with a focus on developing advanced small unit tactics and strategy to attain profit through disciplined piracy and mercenary activity without alliance affiliation.

As a corporation, we are still building our infrastructure and roster of pilots, but we have a strong ethos. We focus heavily on the individual, going to great lengths to ensure that every member is supported in their respective personal quest in New Eden by a strong, tight knit community.

There are many plans going forward, [REDACTED] PvP operations, wormhole harvesting, industry, tactics training, individual teaching and mentoring.

To new horizons.

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam tibi

If you’re interested, get into contact either in game or say hello on our discord server, link below.

Best regards,

Reighton Etermonte

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