Dear ccp graph team pls help

Hello friends.
I was hoping for some graph porn.
As the turkey shoot of abandoned structures rages on, maybe in the next few months yall could do a data pull and graph some graphs.

Id love to know what regions were the highest payout of loot, maybe even some highlights and what was the biggest drop total/biggest single item drop.

Just an idea.


Bump for love.

I would like to see this too.
I watched 8 or more structures die in my area and the amount of containers that dropped from some was insane .
Would be interesting to see what’s been destroyed/looted so we know how many tears will come when inactive players come back ,:laughing:

I know right, hopefully someone sees this and is like… yeh i wonder as well.

Speaking of graphs, the Eve universe map needs more edges

Bump for ccp love

Bump for ccp

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