Deathmask Divine a c2-ns/c5 corp

Recruiting USTZ/late eutz motivated small gang pvp centric pilots interested living in and pvping out of a c2 with c5/ns statics.

Minimum requirements to be considered;

English speaking
Main accounts only
Pvp experience
Matching portrait backgrounds

Corp Incentives;

Access to ns/c5 pvp
Access to low sp c2 pve
Access to high sp c5 pve
Corp project utilization
Rolling fleets

Build a small team of like-minded casually trying hard psychopathic space murderers with a strong corp identity. Good comms focused on pvp, teamwork and having fun. With a tiny splash of RP.

No agenda driven politically correct rules. No blues. No space politics. No CTA. No tidi. Just fragging out.

No SRP, Fly at your own risk.

Loot generated during corp rolling fleets will be consolidated into a basic SRP fund to help subsidize corp projects and pvp.

Interested? Start a conversation w/ @Iboxon discord
Deathmask Divine