[GHOUL] WH C2 Null/C5 - looking for PVP/PVE Pilots

Magister Mortalis

Who are we:

  • Wormhole small scale PvP corporation
  • Operations mainly in WH-Space/Null-Sec
  • Home system C2 Wolf Rayet with static C5/0.0
    What do we offer:
  • First of all: lots of fun
  • Many effective doctrines for different purposes
  • Free spare ships for corp ops
  • Full SRP for corp fleet ops
  • Easy ISK by: - Ratting in our static C5 or Null-Sec
    - Mining/Gas Huffing/Industry
    - PI on suitable Planets
    - Exploration
    - Abyssal sites
    Pilot requirements:
  • Having fun playing EvE-Online
  • Omega Account
  • Respectful behaviour towards all corp mates
  • 15million Skill Points

Like what you see?

Come join the In-game Channel: zen rolling

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