Join the Wormhole Party - NOW!

Magister Mortalis.

Who are we:

  • Wormhole small scale PvP corporation
  • Operations mainly in WH-Space/Null-Sec
  • Home system C2 Wolf Rayet with static C5/0.0
  • Heavily EU Time Zone

What do we offer:

  • First of all: lots of fun
  • Many effective doctrines for different purposes
  • Free spare ships for corp ops
  • Full SRP for corp fleet ops
  • Easy ISK by: - Ratting in our static C5 or Null-Sec
    - Mining/Gas Huffing/Industry
    - PI on suitable Planets
    - Exploration
    - Abyssal sites

Pilot requirements:

  • Having fun playing EvE-Online
  • Omega Account
  • Respectful behaviour towards all corp mates
  • 15 Million Skill Points Minium

In-game Channel: zen rolling

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Wormhole living can be challenging, however if you meet the pilot requirements, we can help you get the ball rolling and enjoying the wormhole life. It is hard but with time and a bit of effort you will reap the rewards.

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