Decent Loki pilot 10M SP

(Juan Hauyon) #1

Decent Loki Pilot, light employment history, nice name, good core skills:

10M Skill Point

No active kill right

Positive Wallet (~5M)

2 remaps

Docked in a Jita IV-4 Station

Buyout 7B

Actual owner (me) pay the transfer fee.

WTB mission runner combat pilot, budget 15-20b
(Gravitar) #2

To the top :heart:

(Rimhara Duetoly) #3

Offering 5B

(Micadia) #4

6 Bil
Current owner pays transfer fee?

Withdraw offer

(Red Lola) #5

6.5 bil

(Gravitar) #6

Yes, owner (me) pays the transfer fee.
Adding buying at 10B

(Gravitar) #7

To the top. B/O at 10B !

(Red Lola) #8

7B bo

(Gravitar) #9

Agree if 8B for BO

(Red Lola) #10

no thanks

(Gravitar) #11

To the top :heart:

(Gravitar) #12

Guess what, to the top :heart:

(Gravitar) #13

To the top :heart:

(Juan Hauyon) #14

To the top. Bargain on B/O at 7B !
Interested people must send forum message first before sending ISK. Will initiate the transfer within the day ! Fast delivery :heart:

(Juan Hauyon) #15

Still available !

(Juan Hauyon) #16

To the top !

(Django Osas) #17

5.5bil ready

(Red Lola) #18

willing to buy for 6.5

(Juan Hauyon) #19

Agreed for 6.5B.
Waiting ISK, will initiate the transfer in the next hour.

(Red Lola) #20

isk n info sent