Decent sp player looking for a wormhole corp

o/ fellow capsuleers,

Ive been playing the game for a while now, think it is time for a new adventure.
After all my eve carreer in null-sec, and realy enjoying scanning to find targets. It’s time for a dive into wormhole space, got a couple of alts suited for mining, scanning and 2 pvp chars. 1 char has over 160 Mill sp, he is able to fly almost everything except titans.

Timezone is pretty much EU but due to my work scedual i’m able to fly US timezone a couple of days per month.

Hi There,

If you are looking for a nice wormhole corp you will like Krypted Gaming.
We are a small tight nit group of pilots who enjoy pvping over everything else.
We run all sorts of fleets including wormhole brawls, null sec microgang roams and others.
We operate in both EU time Zone and US time zone.
We also live in a low class wormhole so spend a lot of time mapping out chains to find content.

If you are interested you can hop in our discord and we can answer any questions

Hope to see you around.

Fly Safe