Decoration citadel for Advertisement and Propaganda, Housing [New Citadel idea]

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Decoration Citadel
[What is this?]
Ornamental structures that do not have weapons or dock port.
It’s a structure to be placed in space.
Until now, the only decorations available have been skins and apparel.
How about adding these structures
to add more color and propaganda elements to the NEWEDEN?

Three types of buildings are proposed.
If you have more fun type citadel idea, post this thread.

  1. Simple statue object
    Statues of people as already implemented in the game.
    or a model of a spaceship can be freely placed in space.

  2. Display text structure
    When you open the settings screen and type in a sentence,
    a large bulletin board appears in space with scrolling text.
    Can be used for advertising, propaganda and announcements.
    This structure needs to be at least as big as Astrahus.

  3. Video display structure
    You can play your own videos by submitting them to CCP in advance.
    Needs to be reviewed like the alliance logo.
    This structure also needs to be at least as big as Astrahus.
    For server protection
    Only alliances can play their own videos.
    Only one video can be submitted for an alliance.
    These measures may be necessary.


Too many to divide all types by type.
Especially the first statue type tends to be too many.
So, when anchoring, you should be able to decide
which type of structure you want to use in the settings screen
before deploying the structure.

Buildings that can be anchored at intervals of about 10 - 100km
1000km is too far.

Easier to destroy than other structures like Jumpgate.

[Maximum number of installations]
If you put an infinite number of them,
we will need to take measures against the server,
so it is necessary to set a maximum number.
One alliance can only be installed in a limited number per system.
Same structure can be installed in other systems.
Another alliance will be subject
to a different limit on the number of installations.
I am not sure server capacity but around 10 per alliance per system is good?

Since they are easily broken
Cheap and easy to install is preferred.


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The current main update agenda is the ecosystem, but i think entertainment updates that do not affect performance are also important.
Work with me to consider an exciting experience for your players!

Video display structure may overload the server.
We need to consider this carefully.

There is a proposal to allow only alliances that have an alliance logo to submit videos.
The alliance logo requires a certain history of activity.
Newly created alliances can be prevented from posting spam.

In other words, the proposal is to allow only corporation that are members of the alliance and have the alliance logo to submit videos.
Alliances that do not have the logo and individual corps will be shown the same video as the one inside the Jita station screen or can’t anchor is good.

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CCP actually discussed propaganda structures when they first announced flex structures (3 years ago, iirc). Not sure what happened, but I still want them.

I have no idea what kind of limitations should be put in place to limit server load. Figure CCP would be in the best position to determine that.

I would like to see them be able to be fitted with standup festival launchers that fire whenever a capsuleer gets within a certain distance.

I also remember that when it was first presented, the advertisement role structure was written on the slide.
I think it would be fun to have a citadel that could be used for propaganda, developing advertising.

Your Festival launcher Citadel is very interesting Structure.
Thank you reply.
I think a monument displaying the Null Alliance logo would be interesting at the Capital system.
Maybe we could add that Festival launcher feature to that structure.

Happy New Year all!
Shipwreck Jones idea of standup festival launchers structure is good for celebrate anniversary.
A special structure fireworks ammo to celebrate the New Year would be interesting.

Structure Festival Launcher is already in game (Standup Large Festival Launcher )
but no one has ever been equipped with one due to defense concerns.
We can get more out of this item.

So, i can put up a Display Text for everyone to see…

Drink this specific real world brand cola
Watch my youtube content at www.youtubelink.yougettheidea
Rist Ozuwara has [censored] with really large [censored] [censored] in Docking Port B.

But seriously who is going to police these? we all know what gamers are like, especially in a PvP game.
It’s all very well saying everything has to be submitted to CCP first, but they still have to pay someone to go through all the submissions and ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ them. Then they open themselves up to players complaining that “my submission was denied while another person’s one was allowed, waaaa”

It’s all the same arguments and risks of player made ship skins, CCP wants (and i personally agree with them) to maintain control over the visual look of their game world.

Thank you reply
How about giving discipline by making the censorship very strict?
Censorship already exists.
Alliacelogo, Station bulletin board contest, Propaganda picture contest.
For example.
1)It’s not something that breaks the game atmosphere.
2)Don’t bring in real world copyrights.
3)It should not be a criticism of others.
4)The message should be positive.
It’s especially important that the content is positive.

How about clarifying the criteria in writing and replying with a number as to why it was rejected?
”Your video has been rejected for reason #4 0:15 scene.”
If CCP reply like this, at least the reason will be clearer than Youtube ban reason.

But this still requires CCP to employ people to manually review every single one, every single day. Which to them is just more wages they have to budget for.

Hey, I don’t entirely disagree with your idea, but personally I think CCP do a great job on the overall style and look of the Eve universe, and to be honest a lot of the submissions for this would not be up to quality.

Just think what every trade hub would look like with all the ISK Doublers and Market Scammers putting up message boards everywhere to advertise their spam…

I see.
I understand the disadvantages of more work for CCP.

But submissions that need to be reviewed already exist in the game.
Alliance logo is one example.
I think it’s feasible enough if we can lower the cost for this idea.

How about reducing the number of applications that can be submitted in order to reduce the cost?
They have reduced the hassle by setting certain active and restricted limits on alliance logo submissions.
If they set stricter restrictions than the Alliance logo, we could reduce the amount of work they have to do to review it.

For example,

  • make the number of active people required for submission much larger.
  • Only alliances that have had sov in Null can apply. Null player sov is the only place we can install structure.
  • We can only change the content of our videos once every six months.

These idea will reduce their costs.

However, I’m not a CCP, so if the cost is unacceptable, then the idea of a Video display structure would be impossible to implement.

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