Ingame image banners for players

I suggest for ingame banners to be a placeable asset where you can upload your own image (approved by ccp ofcourse) and place sed banner in space. Although i add to that there to be a limit per corp/alliance.

for ex. this could be used for advertising instead of mobile depot spam.

Edit: this could also be applied on citadels only for example, to disallow spam of these also (only place them on (and around?) your or your corps stations)

Yeah, it’s been suggested before and I think the general feedback is always positive from the community as a whole.

CCP have never really responded to the idea beyond work they’ve already done to potentially open up dedicated ship SKINs, logos on ships, and flags (ie. not directly to additional billboard style assets, but the ability to attach branding to items).

Where CCP have supported this in the past is with the ads on the existing billboards. That comes and goes, but it isn’t as simple as just allowing anyone to create content that shows for all.

It requires additional assets to be added to the game, so they can be distributed to everyone; and CCP have certain standards around the images and language that can be used.

For example, I created an ad for my Alliance a while back for the billboards, and CCP asked us to revise the first version, because it included “pvp” in the text. Since EVE is intended to be “real”, the concept of players to the inhabitants is irrelevant. CCP suggested we change it to “combat”.

So they have a fairly extensive review/approval process for assets that end up in the game and I think that, combined with the need for additional assets, has left the suggestion as a wish from the community for a long time.

Would be great to see it added.


You might be interested in this thread.

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ah ok yeah didnt see that before, thanks for linking… i agree indeed it would be very nice to have that added

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