You know you would probably make more is… money if you held an art competition for skins, get the players to vote and then implement as an ingame item; imagine how many would buy a goon skin!! or test… brave… phorde?? and you would involve the community!!

Obviously you should have a cap on how many alliance or coalition type skins that could be voted through but still surely you are missing a trick here??


Strange title…


Art competition for SKINs? Yes

Alliance-themed SKINs? No

Current topic title? Needs to be changed


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Major groups already have enough disproportionate influence and visibility in EVE over those who are neither members or not wish to become members of those groups. There are acceptable and unacceptable ways in which CCP can spotlight groups: CCP providing endorsements of some groups over others via SKINs is unacceptable. It would also be costly for them (time = money) and only a very limited number of players would buy them (want to know who won’t buy a Goon SKIN? Almost everyone who isn’t a Goon and many Goons themselves). There would also be copyright issues on CCP making money off of copyrighted player logos/branding.

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This is an already solved issue.

Was solved when CCP made changes to Alliance logos and Alliances already now grant a licence to CCP for the use of logos in game. They are displayed in space on Citadels.


CCP player logos in game are ‘derived works’ per minor modifications (they basically put dirt on it). It’s explained in the logo submission process - this addresses fair use to a limited extent such that they can be displayed in game, but not necessarily to the extent to which profits can be made (esp if the original logos themselves had some issues that prevents the use of making profits).

But anyway, that was more of a side comment, the least important of the points I raised.

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I think its perfectly acceptable and im not in a major alliance likely to actually have its own skin; in fact i dont only think its reasonable i think its practically a must as many of these alliances have also, for better or for worse; actually made major contributions to the game since its beginnings; alliances like pl, nc. goonswarm to name only a few…

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Mate, once you give the logo to ccp; its theirs.

That’s… not how copyright law works, or the legalese involved when you submit logos. That’s only a few hairs short of saying anything posted on the Internet is in the public domain.


Intellectual property is not always the property of the designer, certainly not when you have handed that design over to a company for them to utalise free of charge.
There is a lot of grey areas in legislation and law and so on which would likely make any percieved courtcase excruciatingly boring, costly but I do not believe it would go in the designers favour specifically when used for INGAME purposes anyway.

At most you might see the designer get a potential % in what, isk?

I’m not entirely closed minded on this. In principle I would not object as much to limited edition SKINs celebrating 1st/2nd/3rd place winners of tournaments, etc, and other notable CCP sponsored events pitting alliances/coalitions against each other. I might even be amenable to a “cultural icon” contest conducted by players that isn’t corp/alliance specific… all of a sudden you have ALWAYS CODE Catalysts and Taloses flying around with tattooed with a picture of James 315 on their longer wing and I’m not going to lie that would be pretty ■■■■■■■ hilarious. For most it would hardly an endorsement or show of love for CODE, but more of an appreciation for what is the equivalent of a meme in the EVE Universe.

While some may disagree with my objection that sponsoring some player groups over other player groups is ■■■■■■■■ (outside of recognition for player event participation, which I find acceptable), the practical objection remains that very few people would buy these skins, and it takes a lot of time for graphic designers to make them whereas they could focus their attention on other items that benefit all players, or at least a larger group of players such as a batch of SKINs players would be more likely to buy.

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Players could design them dude… there is a whole eve community out there… i feel like im repeating myself to your repetition so clearly two very different opinions; only I’m not spamming YOUR post.

Its nice to have an opinion, but that doesnt make you right either :wink:

That’s not the time consuming part. The time consuming part is applying them to ship models. CCP could have the exact design specifications but it’s adapting them to ships is the time = money = opportunity cost sink. That was my only point :sweat_smile:

It would also be costly for them (time = money) and only a very limited number of players would buy them […]


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But they do this anyway, every time they make new skins… i don’t understand the point your trying to make.

Well it’s not like they could add it to the game for alliances to use as a loyalty point item or that they couldnt implement them like they have these current free ones; or that your seriously underestimating the overt pride many have at being in certain alliances… or that it would not take up more time than their current process…

Or CCP could give us the option to make our own skins as was shown at a Eve Vegas 2017.

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I have to agree with @Archer_en_Tilavine about Alliance themed skins, I don’t think it would generate enough sales for CCP’s time and resource investments.

However the idea of having a contest for players to design and vote on player created skins is definitely good. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place skins should generate a lot more sales for CCP, especially since those skins have already been established as being preferred by the playerbase.

Anyway, I support the idea of a contest for player created ship skin color schemes that players can vote on with the winning skins possibly being implemented into the game.

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It’s a fitting title for a passive aggressive post.