Decouple industry tax from index

The industry tax being a % of the job install fee is dumb. It’s confusing since a system with high index but low tax can have a bigger tax than low index and high tax. It also makes it harder for structure owners to determine what their tax % should be in order to make isk.

Solution: Instead of total fee = [base price](1 + [index] + [index][tax]), total fee = [base price]*(1 + [index] + [tax]). Tl;dr: the tax is added to the index and therefore is based only off of the base price of the job rather than both the base price and the index.

Structure owners should recieve 0% for any and all transactions carried out within their structures.

Don’t expect to access any structures’ manufacturing capabilities then.

I stopped playing eve almost a year ago. Ridiculous cost of living was one of the reasons. Sorry, not sorry CCP.

Then kindly troll somewhere else as these forums are for EvE: Online.

I’m talking about eve online.

Then why, dear non-player, do you lurk around these annals?

Is there a reason I shouldn’t?

Yes. Why try to influence the direction of a game you don’t even play anymore? Why not just let it go?

I’m sure you’ve never talked about a game before you play it right?
How is this any different? If the right changes are made, maybe I’ll be back.

Does anyone have any feedback about the proposal that isn’t whining about the ability of a structure owner to provide a service in exchange for ISK?

I think it’s an okay idea. I do think that index should have a gerater outcome on industry, because it speads it out and greatlly increases the hauling and ganking industries. The more money is taken out of the game the slower the inflation…

That’s a good point, but I’m just talking about the taxes part, which go to the structure owner and are not sunk. Glad to hear that you like it.

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