Dedaf's Industrial Tool is back!

Im happy to announce that I have updated Dedaf’s Industrial tool, to support the new ESI API system. And done tones of updates to keep up with the changes that has been implemented over the last years

You can download the latest version here

Let me know what you think and send me a message if you think i missed something.

In this sheet you will find the following Industrial tools:

  • Ore Mining
  • Ice Mining.
  • Ore to mine, calculated from mineral-need.
  • Ice to mine, calculated from fuel-need.
  • Ore Corp Mining calculator.
  • Ice Corp Mining calculator.
  • Planet Interaction.
  • T1 Ship, items & Rig Production.
  • T2 Ship, Items & Rig Production.
  • T2 Invention tool. Build on an idea of Eloria Thuk.
  • Tech III production.
  • Capital Production.
  • Jump Freighter production.
  • Ore Compressing.
  • Shopping List.

OLD forum post


Followed instructions about Postman on the web…but sadly after hitting the Request Token and choosing my char.
Nothing will appear at Existing Tokens…and dont know what else to do.

I could not get the chrome application to work. It says at the top of the windows that it is an old version. Download the application from their website

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