Dedicated Support Carrier (T2?)

Just a rough idea here, but a dedicated fleet support carrier with racial bonuses to their support fighter variants could be an interesting addition to the game.

It could definitely be balanced If the carrier was priced around 4-5B, required t2 materials to build, reduced tank in comparison to its t1 counterpart, 2 support fighter tubes(for EWAR), 1 light fighter tube. It would definitely dominate small gang fights, but tweaking tank should make it a high-risk/reward situation.

I think they’d be rare to see in larger capital fleet fights, but they could have a place in reducing enemy carrier suppression.


So a fax that uses repair fighters? Or do you mean more ewar fighters?

Ewar fighters

It sounds like a worse Carrier and a poor mans Ewar ship that would cost way more and be worse than taking a subcap suited to that role.

Carriers all ready now kind lack a role now given the Mara buff and it was kind of questionable how much of one they had before hand.

Ewar fighters would need massive buffs for this to work and even then you are hurling a 5b hull and likely another 1-2b in fitting to try and do the role a Recon could do for 300m. The only thing would be you have a lot more EHP but that is hardly going to be worth the cost of 6-7b when you could do it for 300m or less.

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