Electronic Support Ship

It’s a hole the game has always been missing and I think E-war would be easier to balance if The Electronic support options had dedicated platforms to be used from. Currently we have the mostly ignored Tracking computer bonuses on the T2 gal/minm logi and that’s it. and you have info links to make your fleet more resistant to E-war.

While theme would dictate having them at frigate and cruiser level I don’t think cruisers in this role are strictly necessary.

Easiest way to do this would be to give the T1 Ewar frigs bonuses to the support e-war and make separate T2 frigates from EAF to specialize into this

my problem is I don’t know what races should get what.

going with what the races do best doesn’t work because
caldari have both the best sensors and lock range.
Then minmatar have the best scan res
and iirc gal tend to be best at tracking
leaving the amarr with nothing.

going with countering enemy E-war leaves Caldari with Scan res and lock range
Gal with ECCM
Minmatar with MGC and TC
and again the amarr have nothing

bonusing racial Ewar is the inverse of the above leaving the minmatar with nothing.

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