Deep Axion - USTZ - Small Gang PvP

Link to killboard
Most active during the US timezone between 8PM CST and 2AM CST.

We fly coordinated fleets roughly 4 times per week that last a few hours.

We’re small group of experienced pilots that fly coordinated comps to take on larger groups. We primarily fly frigates, destroyers, and cruisers. Often times we’ll fly covert-ops based fleet compositions with BLOPS bridges.

The youngest members of our group is over 30 years old. Most of us are parents with families to support & full time jobs that we prioritize.

Please take a few minutes to watch any video from our YouTube channel.

If you’re interested in joining, please start an in-game conversation with Prosum, JohnDrees, or ShepherdE.

I’ll try my best to reply to messages on the forums - please be patient!

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