Deep Space Industrial (Ahab)

Hello New Eden,

This ship idea is meant to be endgame for exploring and exploiting resources from any given system. It is used for collecting all in-space resource types. (Data, Relic, Asteroid Mining, Ice Harvesting, Gas Harvesting, Salvage.) It also has manufacturing capabilities.

Jack of all trades, master of none. It is less efficient than any of it’s specialized counter parts but still has smaller bonuses. It also uses expanded probe launchers in a class that’s similar to other SOE ships.
The inspiration for the Ahab is based upon two things: the Orca and the Nestor.

Deep-Space Industrial “Ahab”
A concept jointly developed by SOE and ORE. This Tech 2 Orca is a deep-space industrial ship that has powerful harvesting tech, and a tactical prowess that’s unmatched.
This ship is designed for long-range extended operations. Set course for the unknown. Collect, refine, and manufacture your own assets. Harvest anything, harvest everything. Fill your hull and return to market. Scan and salvage strange, new, and exceedingly rare tech. This is your can-do ship.

Tech 2 Orca (Ahab)
Speed: 65m/sec
Warp speed: 1.75au/sec
Time to warp: 60 seconds
Cargohold: 15,000m3
Ore Hold: 75000m3
Mineral Hold: 10000m3
Industrial Hold Capacity: 20,000m3 (output only)
Ship Maintenance Bay: 400,000m3
Fleet Hanger: 10,000m3
Drone Bay Capacity: 300m3
Drone Bandwidth: 125m/bit
Max Targeting Range: 90km
Shield Capacity: 30,000 HP
Armor Capacity: 7,000 HP
Scan Resolution: 75mm
Signature Radius: 1,000m
Magnetometric Sensor: 45 points
Max Locked Targets: 6

Training time 25-45 days (just for the ship)
Amarr Battleship III
Deep-Space Industrial I
Industrial Command Ships III
ORE Industrial IV
Mobile Industry I

Fitting: 7 hi, 5 med, 3 low, 2 turret, 0 missile
Powergrid: 1300 MW, CPU: 730 tf, Capacitor: 9000 GJ

Industrial Command Ship bonuses (per skill level):
5% bonus to gas harvesting yield
3% reduction to gas cloud harvesting duration
5% increase to gas cloud harvesting range
10% bonus to drone hit points and damage
5% bonus to drone ore mining yield
5% reduction in drone ice harvesting cycle time
5% reduction in salvage drone cycle time

Deep Space Industrial bonuses (per skill level):
10% increase to ore and mineral hold
10% increase to drone control range

Role Bonus:
35% bonus to drone ore mining yield
10% reduction to drone ice harvesting duration
100% bonus to drone damage
100% bonus to tractor beam range
100% bonus to tractor beam velocity
50% bonus to core and combat scanner probes strength
150% increase to Hacking and Relic module range
400% increase to survey scanner range
50% reduction to cpu fitting requirements of all Probe Launchers
60% reduction to effective distance traveled for jump fatigue
5 point increase to hacking and relic virus strength and coherence
Can use 1 command burst module
Has onboard refining and manufacturing facilities

Other information:
The Ahab is 35% slower at manufacturing than in-station. (Best case is 10% of base)
Has 10% more waste when refining than in-station. (Best case is 5% of base)
Cannot copy blue prints, or make them more efficient.
Careful consideration has been taken so as to not replace the Orca. The Ahab enters warp slower, and it’s bonuses are best utilized at level 5, but in most cases still falls short compared to the orca.
The Ahab differs from the Orca in that it is not near as efficient in supporting mining operations. It’s bonuses are to a lesser extent, and it can only equip one command burst module.
The holds of this ship tend to be mostly specialized with only the ore and mineral holds gaining bonuses.
The idea is to have good damage -able to fight off individuals, not gangs, not structures.
Consideration was also given so as to not reduce the effectiveness of all other exploration vessels.

New Skills:
Deep Space Industrial: Allows the use of the Ahab.
Mobile Industry: Allows the manufacturing of onboard jobs. 1 job per level.
Mobile Manufacturing: 5% increase to onboard manufacturing speed per level.
Mobile Refining: 1% decrease to onboard refinery efficiency waste per level.

I’m seeking assistance with designing this ship. Let’s find the uses and balances for it.
Help me determine how this ship in all aspects would be abused and what can be done to fix it.


Even with all that, a single Machariel pilot could keep you bumped until the end of time…

good point, could be comical.

Cap guns on subcaps are useless, the only reason they can deal huge chunks of damage is because of the siege module which increases damage and rate of fire by like 8x, and in the case of titans because the racial titan skills increase damage by 9x at level 5 titan skills. 2 haw guns would deal less damage than 5 heavy drones and have terrible tracking, while 2 anti-cap guns would not be able to hit any subcaps and deal just a little over the damage of 5 heavy drones.
Maybe remove the turret slots and capital bonuses, and instead increase the drone bonuses to 10% per level, drones would benefit an industrial far more than capital weapons without bonuses.

Edit: Just ran the numbers in pyfa. A moros with 2 anti-capital guns will pump out 635 dps with max skills without a siege module. If you fit 2 haw guns instead so you can actually hit battleships, you’re looking at 191 dps. A ship with 10% bonuses to drone damage can reach roughly 800 dps with heavy drones max skills, and you can actually hit things that arn’t sitting still

Even if this concept could work, which i doubt;

‘jack of all trades. master of none.’

  • More ore hold than an orca AND refines.
  • Better yield than an orca.
  • More mineral hold than a kryos
  • Effective drones of nearly two dominix
  • More tank than an orca.

What we REALLY don’t need is an even more effective way to afk mine and have ridiculous tank.

Then there is the other problem. By doing everything it removes the need for support and other players. The orca is a formidable ship, they are no longer just support ships but can afk mine solo or pvp. This is an even more powerful ship and an even more independent ship.

I like this concept better, as stated my goal is to fend of with great force the solo attacker.


“What we REALLY don’t need is an even more effective way to afk mine and have ridiculous tank.”

I completely agree with this.

So good point about the tank. My goal is to stop a solo BB and not be at the point of death.

The bonuses of drone damage are actually decreased from the Orca, but the dps is increased due to fielding all heavies. What are some suggestions for giving formidable dps without overdoing it?

See… this is when you stopped being industrial.

The orca has the same drone dps as a domi (without mods) but with better speed and tracking. Add turrets to that and you’ve got plenty for this ship.

Bear in mind, this (and the orca) have much more ehp than a battleship. This (and the orca) can solo battleships when it comes to a plain dps vs ehp race. And that’s fine(-ish).

But battleships are purpose designed sluggers. They should kill industrials like this when fit and flown sensibly. A competent active tank battleship should de-fang and burn down a ship like this.

Thank you all for your comments.

After reviewing my original goals I concede on several points that have been brought up.
As such I’ve revised the post to reflect these concessions.

On the note about greater independence with this ship:
The original idea is to have the capacity to collect anything in W-space. This does make you more independent.
Now W-space in many places has little interaction with other players. If you so wanted you could collect all resources to your capacity. This would cause you to linger longer in such a place, possibly getting found. On the flip side it means you’re where no one else is for a longer duration.
In K-space you are a high value target.

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