Deepwater Hooligans [BIGAB] Recruiting US TZ Corporations for Syndicate PVP



In-game channel: ‘BIGAB’

Deepwater Hooligans [BIGAB] is looking for additional PVP-oriented corps. We offer a very different experience than the large blocs, with a focus on small to medium fights where individual pilot and corp contributions are important. Alliance leadership are active content drivers, and if things are slow we will force PVP by creating structure timers or hunting in nearby regions. After a deployment in Vale early in 2020, we now operate in Syndicate and have been engaged with several alliances in the area. We are particularly interested in adding US TZ corps who fit with our PVP culture.

We are looking for corps interested in:

  • Heavy PVP focus: We do have R64s and level 5s nearby, but we are not a PVE or indy focused alliance. We push for interesting, tidi-free PVP and want corps interested in the same.
  • Developing FCs: Syndicate (and our alliance) provides access to many small-scale fights. It’s a great place to grow new FCs and independent PvP ability.
  • Capital Warfare: Interested in learning more about cap usage? Deepwater has both experienced FCs and enough caps to make them shine.
  • Multiboxing: We are a smaller alliance by design, and often fight outnumbered. If your corp is interested in expanding their ability to multibox in PVP, this is a great place to do it.
  • Higher-SP doctrines: We currently run Sacrileges, Machariels, Nightmares, and Lokis. Ideally new corporations should be able to fly these or relevant support/logi.

BIGAB offers the support services you’d expect: SRP, handout doctrine ships on some fleets, Discord/Teamspeak, and excellent JF logistics. But more importantly, we offer opportunities for interesting small and medium gang PVP that keeps players excited about Eve and can help corps expand their PVP focus.

More Info:

  • Join Discord and ask for alliance leadership in #recruitment.
  • Join ‘BIGAB’ in-game channel.
  • Message/Eve-mail Timoxa Zero or Valtyr Medici