Full Broadside [420MM] and Deepwater Hooligans [BIGAB]: Nullsec PVP in Vale of the Silent (US/EU TZ)




3TEARS Seal of Approval

In-game channel: ‘Full Broadside Public’

Full Broadside is a small-gang PVP corp living in the content-rich Vale of the Silent region.
Originally a C2 NSS wormhole group, we now base in null in an area full of people to fight. We are primarily US TZ, but have a growing EU segment with plenty of small and medium-sized engagements in that timezone. As part of the larger Deepwater Hooligans alliance, we also offer access to manufacturing/reactions, R64 mining, and a desirable pocket in Vale to make ISK in.

We do a healthy mix of small and medium-gang fights, BLOPs, cap/super ops, and structure-oriented warfare. PVP is primarily against other local alliances and there is almost never tidi. We run organized doctrine fleets for medium scale fights, and will entosis/reinforce structures to help generate PVP engagements. We have many veteran players who have flown togethers for years and are very active content drivers.

We are looking for the following:

  • Pilots who can fly at least one ship from all our main doctrines. This includes Nightmares, Sacrileges, Sleipnirs, T3s, and logi.
  • Ability to utilize null and be partially self-sufficient for ISK. We provide doctrine handouts and SRP for certain hulls, but want members to have their own steady income.
  • Active in fleet fights. We have small-gang and BLOPs content throughout the day, but we don’t expect constant activity. We do want people who will show up for important pings and fleets at a minimum.

What Full Broadside and the Deepwater Hooligans alliance offers:

  • Excellent logistics. We have a very active jump freighter service, many ships on contract, and even a moderate local market. Bringing ships and equipment in is very easy. Vale is close to Jita, making it simple to move characters around or bring a blockade runner in.
  • Sov in Vale of the Silent. Along with our allies in Forsaken Empire, we hold a desirable pocket in the region with upgraded systems, structures for reactions/reprocessing, multiple R64 moons, and Guristas ratting.
  • PVP without getting lost in the noise. Even our largest fleets are small by null bloc standards; individual pilots still matter.
  • Extremely active leadership and content drivers. There is always something going on in Vale.

Joining as a Corp:

The Deepwater Hooligans [BIGAB] alliance is also accepting corporations with:

  • Some PVP focus and at least 5 active members.
  • Activity in US or EU timezones. English-speaking.

The alliance offers Teamspeak, auth, and other standard services as well as doctrine ships for primary fleet comps.

More Info:

  • Join Discord and ask questions in #recruitment.
  • Join ‘Full Broadside Public’ in-game channel.
  • Message/Eve mail recruiters: Ek’kar Cen’ti (EU), Minerva Higgins (US), Timoxa Zero (CEO)

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