[NS Static Small-Gang] Locked out of/in your staging Keepstar? Like small-gang? Full Broadside is recruiting!

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Full Broadside [420MM] is a corp living in a C2-C6/Nullsec Pulsar wormhole and we are seeking new members to fly with, primarily in the EU timezone looking to help build it up from the ground, but are also actively recruiting USTZ and AUTZ members.

What we can offer:

  • A Nullsec static where we will run small gang fleets from, you can be anywhere at any time!
  • Corp-provided support ships for some of our doctrines. The startup cost to be in this corp is pretty low compared to others and we attempt to keep it that way to the best of our ability
  • Competent members looking to improve in all aspects of game-play
  • A second-to-none comms culture (inquire within)
  • Assistance in setting up independent isk-making opportunities

What we ask of you:

  • Desire to learn and the ability to be taught (don’t be stubborn!)
  • A microphone and proficiency in written and spoken English
  • Try to have one racial cruiser 5 and be able to proficiently pilot ships you enjoy flying
  • Some experience in nanogang. While we are willing to teach people, it helps to at least know bits and pieces regarding small-gang piloting, grid awareness, and other associated topics.
  • Self-sufficiency with regards to isk (to some extent, it’s okay to PVE in chain, or we can help you find an optimal PVE setup for your alts, but if you spend all of your time PVEing in the home chain, you won’t last long here.)
  • Be a self-starter! Content will not be spoonfed to you. If you log in and there is nobody roaming and that prompts you to log off, this is not the corp for you. Anybody is allowed to lead roams, so go create the content!
  • Be ready to take challenging fights that we may not win.

If you’re interested, contact Timoxa Zero[US/AU]/Ek’kar Cen’ti[EU/AU] or drop by our public channel, Full Broadside Public or check out our website, http://fullbroadside.space and our forums at https://forums.fullbroadside.space.

Brcats for our fights can be found in our public channel, as the forums do not allow multiple links/post for new accounts.

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