War Machine Syndicate - SOV Space - Laid back USTZ Corp

-WAR looking for new members to join and be part of a group to have fun. We are a USTZ/AUTZ

Small Gang Warfare :
We offer small gang roaming fleets for those who love to fly as a group and make a difference and not be a number. We roam in t1 cruisers or faction cruisers to have fun and not hurt your pocket.

Medium to Large scale Fleet Warfare :
Coalition wide Ops for those who love being in big fleets and getting kills while being a F1 Monkey.

Discord / Mumble Server as well as auth services and timer board
Keeping things fluid and simple if a small part of what is needed to keep things successful, therefore we utilize these tools not only to help us but help you!

To help with Strat op engagements we offer SRP to help ship losses. We also hand out ships for new bros and those who cant always afford to fly things that we need so we find it worth while to hand you ships in these cases.

JF service for pilots who are in need of moving stuff. We offer logistic contracts straight from Jita.

What we Require:
• ESI Check

• Obtain Corp owned systems for PVE needs
• Set up Corp owned manufactoring and reaction stuctures
• Corp SRP


In game channel: -War public

Come join us for some laid back fun

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bump come join laid back corp

Come join and enjoy the game

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looking for new members

Looking for members come join a liad back corp looking to play and have fun together

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