About me:

  • Founded and ran Mafia Redux, one of the original small gang nullsec roaming PvP corps.
  • Founded and ran Furnace (Thermodynamics) which was an off-shoot of Mafia Redux.
  • A lot of experience scouting, running a corporation, PvP in general.
  • Looking exclusively for faction warfare centered corporation.
  • Despite my experience, I am admittedly rusty. Haven’t played seriously in 3 years. Also never interacted much with faction warfare despite playing this game for 10+ years.

Looking For:

  • Faction warfare PvP corp (I am not interested in anything PvE related)
  • USTZ
  • A corp where I’m not just another number. CTA’s, or any other big timer events aren’t really my thing. I prefer small gang
  • Mature group. I started playing EVE when I was around 17/18. I’m over 30 now, and prefer to be with some like minded folks.

You sound perfect for us at The Order of Omerta we a small tight knit Corp that is focused on fw and small gang pvp. We have many returning and newer players that are leaning pvp and fw is the perfect place for it.

We’re ustz and have a good fun older group that likes to do things as a team.

If you’re interested stop by and chat The Order of Omerta

Hay bud my alliance live out in npc null and am looking for new pvp members to join my corp you will have plenty of pew pew and plenty of people to go and gank if you wish to do so
If you want to have a chat hit me up ingame or jump in our discord
Fly dangerous

This is my alliance :point_right: Come join The expanse and expand your horizons in eveonline

I’ve been in and out of FW corps and love the high content, low chore level. I’m starting up a third party corp to harass fw and pirate fw corps with the sole intention of getting content and fights. I’m looking for people just like you (and me), who can be isk independent, and love getting into fights. no fleet comps, not cta’s, no taxes, no strucutres to defend. I’m happy to build with you if you want to join me. Looking to grow the corp to a medium sized level with around 8 to 10 online any given night.

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