[Small Gang PvP | EU/US TZ] Recruiting Competent Pilots

dead.Orbit is recruiting. In short, we are a corporation made up of primarily ex-Furnace and Mafia Redux members. Most of us are coming back from a break and are shaking off the rust, and getting back into the swing of things. Despite our rust, we have been doing small gang for nearly a decade now. We live out of c2-ns-c5s and roam the nullsec looking for good fights. We’re not as hardcore as Furnace used to be, but if you’re looking for a corporation that has a chill atmosphere while trying to be competent at the game then continue reading!


  • Killboard

  • Formed Spring 2019

  • Foundation of former Furnace (aka Thermodynamics) and Mafia Redux members.

  • Small and micro gang specialists

What We Provide:

  • Competent and relaxed atmosphere to PvP in

  • Class 2 wormhole w/ static nullsec and c5: Easy access to PvP, easy access to krabbing

  • Freedom to do what you want. We expect our members to find content with each other than rely on an FC or leadership to spoon feed content.

  • Strong USTZ presence with a growing EUTZ base.

  • Mature adult environment with individuals who balance fun and competency

What We Desire:

  • English speaking USTZ or EUTZ

  • Working microphone 18+

  • Experience in small gang, or very strong desire to listen and learn from mistakes

  • Self sufficiency this means in both making ISK, and ability to find content or login when we have a fight (do not just be a ping warrior)

Learn More:

If you are interested in joining, or would like to learn more you can contact the following members in game: Ryvaal, Kayalia Noble, Cathal Cunningham, Khoo Kalfren. Additionally you may hang out in our public channel, “dead.Orbit”

Looking for more EUTZ members, and a couple more at most in USTZ.

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