Full Broadside [420MM] and Deepwater Hooligans [BIGAB]: Nullsec PVP in Syndicate (US/EU TZ)


3TEARS Seal of Approval

In-game channel: ‘Full Broadside Public’

Full Broadside is a small-gang PVP corp in Syndicate. Originally a C2 NSS wormhole group, we operated in Vale for a period before recently moving to Syndicate. We are primarily US TZ, but are interested in expanding our existing EU TZ as well.

We do a healthy mix of small and medium-gang fights, BLOPs, cap/super ops, and structure-oriented warfare. There are several small to medium groups in our TZ in Syndicate and the typical fights we engage in almost never have tidi. We run organized doctrine fleets for medium scale fights, and will reinforce structures to generate PVP engagements. We have many veteran players who have flown together for years and are very active content drivers.

We are looking for the following:

  • Pilots who can fly at least three ships total from among our main doctrines. This includes Sacrileges, Guardians, Zarms, Nightmares, Sleipnirs, T3s, and recons.
  • Ability to be partially self-sufficient for ISK. We provide doctrine handouts and SRP for certain hulls, but want members to have their own steady income.
  • Active in fleet fights. We have small-gang and BLOPs content throughout the day, but we don’t expect constant activity. We do want people who will show up for important pings and fleets at a minimum.

What Full Broadside and the Deepwater Hooligans alliance offers:

  • Excellent logistics. We have a very active jump freighter service, ships on contract, and a small seeded market with common items. There are local trade hubs a few jumps from our staging as well.
  • A variety of PVP flavors. We are close to FacWar space. There is small gang action throughout our TZ in Syndicate. We have several people focused heavily on BLOPs. And we run medium sized fleets with doctrine ships. There is a variety of content to keep things interesting.
  • Lots of activity and fights in our TZ. Syndicate has several PVP-oriented groups which overlap with our main TZ.
  • PVP without getting lost in the noise. Even our largest fleets are small by null bloc standards; individual pilots still matter.
  • Proximity to a level 5 mission hub.
  • Extremely active leadership and content drivers.

Joining as a Corp:

The Deepwater Hooligans [BIGAB] alliance is also accepting corporations with:

  • Some PVP focus and at least 5 active members.
  • Activity in US or EU timezones. English-speaking.

The alliance offers Teamspeak, auth, and other standard services as well as doctrine ships for primary fleet comps.

More Info:

  • Join Discord and ask questions in #recruitment.
  • Join ‘Full Broadside Public’ in-game channel.
  • Message/Eve mail recruiters: Minerva Higgins (US), Timoxa Zero (CEO)

Good little skirmish in Syndicate with Sedition and IRED.


Looking for more pilots, US/EU.


Cap skirmish with United Fleet:

Looking for more pilots.

Bump. Three-way fight with Sedition and No Forks:


Bump, still looking for more.

Fight with Strictly Unprofessional and Sedition.

Still looking for more.


Deepwater/FE/PLOW Gilas vs Sedition DNIs vs No Forks Zealots:

Bump. Big fight on the final timer of an Athanor:

Bump, still recruiting. Another good fight with Sedition/No Forks:


Bump. Happened upon a wild Erebus.




Bump, still recruiting.

Weekend bump, still looking for more pilots.

Bump. Good fight against Sedition Ravens.

Looking for more pilots for Syndicate PVP.

Bump, still recruiting. Caught some Sedition Leshaks on a POCO.

Large fight against Sedition+NSH.

Looking for more pilots, lots of US TZ content right now.

Bump, still looking for more people.