Full Broadside [420MM]: Nullsec PVP in the south (US TZ)


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Deepwater Hooligans is recruiting (video)

In-game channel: ‘Full Broadside Public’

Full Broadside is a PVP corp, one of the main members of the Deepwater Hooligans alliance. Originally a C2 NSS wormhole group, we operated in Vale and Syndicate before recently moving to Immensea. We fight in the surrounding regions as well. Full Broadside is primarily US TZ, but there are EU groups in the larger alliance.

We do a healthy mix of small and medium-gang fights, roams, BLOPs, cap/super ops, and structure-oriented warfare. Our engagements almost never have tidi. We run organized doctrine fleets for medium scale fights, and will reinforce structures to help generate PVP engagements. We have many veteran players who have flown together for years and are very active content drivers.

We are recruiting for:

  • Pilots who can fly multiple doctrine ships. This includes Sacrileges, Nightmares, Guardians, Zarms, Lokis, and recons.
  • Cap alt/multiboxers. A cap alt is extremely useful but not required. Multiboxing additional accounts (even if just a Sabre) is a strong plus.
  • Active in fleet fights. We have small-gang and BLOPs content throughout the day, but we don’t expect constant activity. We do want people who will show up for important pings and fleets at a minimum.

What Full Broadside and the Deepwater Hooligans alliance offers:

  • Excellent logistics. We have a very active jump freighter service and ships on contract.
  • A variety of PVP flavors. We are a good match for pilots looking for a range of smaller scale PVP, from microgang roams up to medium sized doctrine fleets.
  • PVP without getting lost in the noise. Even our largest fleets are small by null bloc standards; individual pilots still matter.
  • Access to upgraded ratting space and indy structures.
  • Extremely active leadership and content drivers.

More Info:

  • Join Discord and ask questions in #recruitment.
  • Join ‘Full Broadside Public’ in-game channel.
  • Message/Eve mail recruiters: Minerva Higgins (US), Timoxa Zero (CEO)

Come check us out :slight_smile:

Bump, still looking for more pilots.

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Rorqual hunting.

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Bump, looking for more pilots.

Bump: recruitment is still open.

Good fights with Warped Intentions and Federation Uprising.

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Fun fight with Brave on a fort timer. Still selectively recruiting new pilots.

Deepwater Cerbs vs Brave/FEDUP Cerbs.

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Deepwater Sacs versus Rezeda Regnum Lokis.

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Deepwater versus Brave Muninns.

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Legacy HAC slaughter.

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Recruitment status: open. If you can fly some of our subcap doctrine ships, check us out.

Erebus kill on an uncored Keepstar.

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Bump, recruitment is open.

Recruitment is open; looking for PVP-oriented players.