Default ship insurance tiers

Instead of offering the completey superfluous default corvette, whenever you die players should be able to “skill” up in universe credit as to be able to start in any station with a default frigate, destroyer, cruiser.

How would this work?

Skill one - default frigate insurance
Player defines a frigate, fits it as desired and saves the insurance template. Anytime the player enters a station in pod, the option is made available “select default insurance vessel”, the player pays a modest fee and can fly straight away in that basic insurance vessel. The frigate is a default racial frigate at low skill levels at higher skil levels specialized racial/pirate ships become available.

Skill two - default destroyer insurance.
Requires skil level 5 in previous

Skill three - default cruiser insurance
Requires skill level 5 in previous

It would be up to prudent gametesting against exploits to see if additional tiers of stacked shp insurances would be desirable for battlecruisers or up, or even T2 ships.

Certain limitations, such as factional standing in station, or factional standing with regards to type of ship insurance configurations might make this metric a bit more spicy - for instance, being both highly skilled in previous insurance packages, as well as highly ranked with say, Mordu, boom you start every time you die in a razorsharp tackle cruiser. That has some solid in-game teeth.

This has some serious flaws. Mainly CCP shouldn’t be in the business of magically creating any T2 ships, cruisers, battlecruisers, battleships, etc. The only way this would work is if you got a SoCT ship as those are the ships that CCP can hand out whenever. Otherwise they’d be stepping on the toes of all industrialists and ruining the idea of a player built economy.

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This would seriously harm industry
Also Corvettes are actually fine when you fit them.

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Aside from how confusing it is to conflate ship insurance and the corvettes you can get anywhere, any time…

This would break so much of the economy. Corvettes cannot be reprocessed, nor can their starting equipment - this means they do not add any resources to the game when CCP endlessly spawns them for players. Your idea would produce massive amounts of resources for a flat ISK fee that doesn’t change over time. CCP would now be allowing players to buy fitted ships from NPCs for ISK, instead of driving the buyers to draw resources (in the form of ships and modules) from the massive player production system that is the foundation of the entire economy. The mind boggles at the knock-on effects of this.

We already have some idea from the old NPC shuttle sales. That created an artificial market for Trit and price fixed it for years.

Player driven industry and market says no.

Play eve echoes. More your type of game.

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