Defiance Metal Works [.DMW.] - Industrial/PVE

Corporation - Defiance Metal Works [.DMW.]
Alliance - Blue Sun Interstellar Technologies [BS IT]
Location - Feythabolis

Seeking newbros, veterans, and returning players that are in search of community, purpose, and opportunities in null sec. We aim to provide members with the environment to develop their skills, bond with the group and join fleets as much as possible. Our team is friendly and ready to help.

Our corporation is recruiting a like-minded and active industrialists who are looking for a change, be it either a new group to get along with, or a new region to live in. We have a stable location with members who are engaged with improving gameplay and enjoying it as much as we can. Recruitment is open to all age groups and time zones.


  • No corporation/alliance dues
  • NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) Policy
  • Training Packages for corporation/alliance doctrine ships.
  • Excellent industrial capabilities - including capital construction
  • PI/Ore buyback program
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • TS3/Discord comms


  • Omega Clones


  • 1 million skill points
  • Basic game mechanics knowledge
  • Participation
  • Working headset

Message Dex Grif or Ninetynine Bottles to join or for more information.

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