Steel Works – Recruiting Capsuleers new and old

Steel Works – Recruiting Capsuleers new and old

Steel Works is an Indy/PVP focused group with full membership in RAZOR alliance. We are a small group of seasoned veterans looking to expand our ranks. Seeking players new and old. Also open to corporate absorptions.

What we offer:

  • Ore, Ice, and Moon Mining
  • Ratting space within alliance Cap Umbrella
  • Access to all industrial services
  • Fleet Boosting
  • Ship Building assistance
  • Small gang and large fleet PVP content
  • Extensive BPC library

What we are looking for:

  • Active players New and Old
  • Functioning mic. We use Dischord and Teamspeak
  • Willingness to learn

In-game Channel: Steel Recruiting

Dischord: Steel Works

Stop by Steel Works today!

Seeking Miners, Industrialists, PI and Filament specialists new and old!

Recruiting newbro miners, industrialists, and pvp pilots. Come mine ships and shoot rocks with Steel Works today!

It’s pretty chill in the ice belts. Come check us out!

Sunday. Ahhhh yes, Sunday bloody Sunday. We mine things. We build things. We shoot things. Come do things with us.

Steel Works - Where you will be content with our content.

Always recruiting. Come check us out!

Steel Works - We are definitely above average

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