Del please

(Hanzo Viper) #1

del please

(Hanzo Viper) #2

Very good system in + space for good price.
Send me letter for more info

(Sheldon Faraday) #3

[17:34:47] Hanzo Viper > ?
[17:46:18] Sheldon Faraday > Hello
[17:46:24] Sheldon Faraday > Abou space for rent
[18:05:12] Hanzo Viper > we not rent space. sry

And close the chat.

(Chutlanin) #4

it’s old thread. SIBSQ leave RMC. Now we can rent space in Period Basis and Immensea. Contact to RED MAMKA or ShadowEgle for more information

(system) #5

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