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Lots of fleets await you! Come join us today!

Come join us today!

Still opened!

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Hey there, name’s Litrista.

Old player returning to the game after a long break and i’m interested in seeing what you’re all about. I’ve played since 2010 with a spotty play time and limited experience with PvE mission, ratting and limited PvP gang warfare. Spent a little bit of time in Nullsec with Black Core in Intrepid Crossing Alliance before it disbanded.

29 mil skill points, looking for a friendly, fun Corp who don’t take the game too seriously and know when to prioritise real life over in-game commitment. Since i’m from the UK, my times may vary differently to some people.

Hello, @Litrista ! Sorry, i am away from game till the evening, I hope you don’t mind if I answer you on forum? :slight_smile: We are small corporation inside LORDE alliance, as I mentioned above, we continue to grow as a corp and as alliance and always opened for players of all kinds.
We are mostly PvP oriented as a corp and as alliance, we prefer to shut players more than to shot NPCs :smile: Good amount of fleets on both EU and US TZ, great FCs (from specter fleet and bombers bar, thay are among us :slight_smile: )
Also good opportunities for PvE content - ratts is angels, so good loot from escalations, stations to dock up your carrier/rorq, good intel around, BBP on alliance lvl and if you want to jump into industrial stuff we can provide BPC almost of all kinds.
As you mentioned, EvE is a game and I am a medical student so my top priority was to make a corporation in null sec with RL first attitude. We have good amount of players from UK btw :wink: No mandatory except while you are in-game try to be on comms (TS3 and discord).
If you want to know more you can contact me via discord - Glorfindeil#2642
Fly safe!

Hi there @Kate_Siwalina and thanks for the swift reply.

It sounds like you have quite a few roles that i can fit into. I don’t have the SPs to fly carriers, but i can fly exhumers and i have a tengu for ratting. I’m happy to fulfill or at least try any roles needed by the Corp/Alliance, when it needs it. If that means drilling rocks then that’s fine by me.

It’s nice to hear that you are confident in the skills of your FCs, in my experience a lot of ops fail or succeed based on their judgement. As for your stance on the game, i’m totally with you there. I have inrl commitments and obligations, so my game-time won’t be all day every day. I already have a Discord set up with a good headset, so i’m good for comms. I’ll add you via Discord and we can talk there whenever you’re available!

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free contact me over discord or in-game – whatever is convenient.

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Come join us today!

Still opened!

Come join us today!

We established low sec roams! Need more pvp players!

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Come join us today!

Come join us today! :slight_smile:

We are still opened!

We are looking for more active pvp players. Come join us today, lots of stuff to do

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join us!

we are opened! PvP and PvE awaits!

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