Del :(

Hi guys,

A lonely newb lookin’ to join…

Hey, Looking to join you guys sounds great

Got a PVP gallente alt and a nearly perfect orca boosting alt, Can you send me the discord info so i can hop on and have a chat

Yes, just ping me Glorfindeil#2642!

You can also either ping me on discord or mail in the game!

We are still opened! Lots of fun awaits for you guys! Good community, active space!

Come join us today!

Comejoin us today!

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Still opened!

To the top!

Minning fleets with rorqual boost, PvP fleets with cap drops… Join us :slight_smile:

Come join us!

Lots of possibilities inside! Come take a look!

still opened!

Come join us today!

Hey you! Join us!

Come join us today!

Bump :slight_smile:

We are still opened for everybody! Come join us today!

Reached out in game.

Hi there, looking for a new corp to join. Been kind of inactive for the last few months but am starting to get back into it a bit more. I have null-sec experience as a line-member of a corp in a large alliance. I was not able to keep up with the time/isk demands of the corp so was kicked out–but am welcome back when i am ready to. A relaxed null-sec corp sounds great. I am in the medical field as well.