Del :(

(nilez Thellere) #81

Hi guys,

A lonely newb lookin’ to join…

(Jennifer Bain) #82

Hey, Looking to join you guys sounds great

Got a PVP gallente alt and a nearly perfect orca boosting alt, Can you send me the discord info so i can hop on and have a chat

(Kate Siwalina) #83

Yes, just ping me Glorfindeil#2642!

(Kate Siwalina) #84

You can also either ping me on discord or mail in the game!

(Kate Siwalina) #85

We are still opened! Lots of fun awaits for you guys! Good community, active space!

(Kate Siwalina) #86

Come join us today!

(Kate Siwalina) #87

Comejoin us today!

(Kate Siwalina) #88

Still opened!

(Kate Siwalina) #89

To the top!

(Kate Siwalina) #90

Minning fleets with rorqual boost, PvP fleets with cap drops… Join us :slight_smile:

(Kate Siwalina) #91

Come join us!

(Kate Siwalina) #92

Lots of possibilities inside! Come take a look!

(Kate Siwalina) #93

still opened!

(Kate Siwalina) #94

Come join us today!

(Kate Siwalina) #95

Hey you! Join us!

(Kate Siwalina) #96

Come join us today!

100MIL+ SP Player Entertaining Corp Suggestions (Null + Industry + PVP)
12M SP returning player looking for active corp
Looking for Active Corp // 2 character 49M sp
(Kate Siwalina) #97

Bump :slight_smile:

(Kate Siwalina) #98

We are still opened for everybody! Come join us today!

Returning pilot looking for nullsec home
31Mil Sp Character looking for null sec corp
2 AU guys looking for something new (PvE/PvP)
(Welstiel) #99

Reached out in game.

(Rae Star) #100

Hi there, looking for a new corp to join. Been kind of inactive for the last few months but am starting to get back into it a bit more. I have null-sec experience as a line-member of a corp in a large alliance. I was not able to keep up with the time/isk demands of the corp so was kicked out–but am welcome back when i am ready to. A relaxed null-sec corp sounds great. I am in the medical field as well.