80+ Pilot Allianceless, Yet Non-Renter Corp Living In Sov Nullsec Seeking PvP and Indy Players. Free Cruisers, Punch and Pie

Dotlan: http://evemaps.dotlan.net/corp/Entelechy

(Disclaimer: This is a Nullsec corp near highsec. The isk is great, but so is the risk. This is for the patient and determined. This is playing EvE on medium-hard mode.)

From humble beginnings 2 months ago with our weekly 5 man frigate roam, to today, where we have 5-10 man cruiser defense gangs daily.

We are not renters, nor are we part of an alliance. We are training daily, practicing how to hold a system, learning how to use intel to both avoid fights, and engage on our terms. We will continue to nourish the relationship we have with the neighboring corps and alliances, and let them see our industrial and combat strength grow.

Access to Nullsec PI/Mining and Ratting
– We will give you fully fit ships so you can pvp, mine, or rat!
– Small gangs almost every day. Bomber pilots very welcome.
– Corp ranking system to show those who want to advance how to do so.
– We will buy all your loot and ore so you don’t need to worry about transporting it.
Industrialists welcome (even if you don’t PvP)
– Newbro/Alpha friendly
– Members currently in CST and EST timezones
– Discord for voice comms and out of game chat
– Public Channel: 3NT
– String of images below that may or may not have anything to do with Eve.

We have no interest in joining an alliance. We are in, what we consider, the perfect situation for us as a corp right now.

Some Background:
I’ve been in Null almost my entire EvE career (around 2 years now). I was an industrialist in the beginning.

Things have changed.

After being involved in solo PvP, small gang, and large scale fleets, I fell in love with blowing up other ships. I originally made this corp to go solo, but I’m realizing that the game is more enjoyable with others. Defending them, and our assets, is also really fun for me on a personal level.

Go explore! Go get blown up and blow up others. Go blast rocks. Go set up PI and make that passive isk. Go shoot rats. Go do everything that Eve has to offer!

I’ve been investing my isk that I’ve made and the experience I’ve gained in those 2 years into a group of people, with very positive results so far, and I’d like to invite more pilots to join us.

If you’re interested in a fresh start and/or you want to position yourself in a corp that I’m going to help grow as much as I’m able, please inbox me or join our public channel 3NT.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to speaking with those interested!



Best of luck with this new venture, Seto!

-A friend from the Bloc.

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That’s pretty cool. Strikes a chord with my priorities in EVE, I think we should chat.
Here’s a text about my reasoning to get back into the game. I’ve finished writing it not even half an hour ago:

What Do I Want to Get Out of Playing EVE Again

Time Considerations

I run a business IRL, broke through 20 employees recently, we have several huge projects, so the time I have for being logged into EVE is approximately four hours a week, maybe less. But as we know, one doesn’t have to be logged in to play this beautiful game.

Fun of Playing EVE for Me

Getting more ISK than one pays is the gentleman’s rule for play EVE. However, I’m ready to make longer-term investments, see the following section for a brief description of what I want to do. Under this constraint, the fun of playing EVE for me is participating in operations, ranging from small fleet pirate frig roams in low-sec, to managing POS assaults in wormholes, to managing hauler escort operations. TL;DR — gameplay over grind, PvP over sitting in space, management over doing the dirty jobs.

Business Plan

Join a reputable corporation and help growing it to set the following system in motion:

  • Rent WH space to PLEXers.
  • Offer PLEXers LS babysitting which involves gathering intel about dangerous fleets around, dodging those, and shooting everything in sight except for the clients in less dangerous LS systems.
  • Sponsor PLEXers, getting a share in their revenue.
  • If a customer messes with us, we get targets — their corp, themselves.

A good enough layout for such scheme is to have a C2 with LS stable, as well as a HS/LS border fleet of alts / members. I’m considering buying a separate C2 for the purpose.

About Me

I’m Jonn, CTO of a company that specializes in implementation of protocols, especially in cryptocurrency space. I have ten years of experience in engineering, four of which involves decision making and management. I’ve played EVE from early 2011 till late 2012, never paid for it until now. Started with PLEXing on radar sites, then moved to a C1 WH to do PI and hauling with an alt. In the end, managed to start doing lowsec frig roams while still having profits. Then real life happened, and I couldn’t keep up with farming and grinding so, I’ve decided to quit. Right now, my main pilot has some assets scattered around the New Eden, not including 31BISK worth of PLEX my account has. I have an account-wide key generated API key, but I would rather not issue it, given that I’m not searching for a position of a regular bee. You can reach out to me over E-Mail: jm AT memorici DOT de, or over twitter: @podmostom.

Fly dangerous,

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I absolutely love this. I’ll definitely reach out to you at some point today (9/13). Finishing up school with the kids and taking care of lunch (irl always comes first).


Looking forward. My time zone is GMT+2, 8 hours in the future from CST.
But hey, the more tzs, the merrier :slight_smile:

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I’ve played a couple of eve accounts longer than I can remember. After about a year break, I’m returning with my 26 million SP player. Lots of industrial background, and some PVP experience.

I’ve lived in high, low, and null. I’ve explored a wormhole or two but never set up base there.

I’m a teacher, father of three young children, and working on my master’s degree, so my time can be quite limited. However, when I play I’m very serious about it. I’m self-sufficient in game, but would like to work with a team.

Very interested in a variety of things including small gang pvp/roams, some null sec mining ops, and have a growing interest in manufacturing.

I can fly T2 frigs, up through a well equipped BS. I can fly but don’t own up to Orcas. Last few months I played, I was working to enhance my logi and drone skills.

Intrigued to learn more. Will join your recruiting channel next time I’m on.

BTW, I’m Central Time Zone USA (Tennessee).


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I appreciate the interest, and I’ll do what I can to answer your questions. I’m all about the candor, so I will tell you what we have planned when we get a chance to talk, without all the rainbows and butterfly kisses.

Currently we’re setting up in a 0.5 (highsec) system with the intent to move to WH or Null as we become more established. Like you, honestly, my WH experience is very minimal. Having said that, my experience with all aspects of the game were once minimal.

We will be doing dives into them from HS. That’ll either be part of the weekly fleets, or it’s own separate thing. You don’t get good at pvp without going and getting involved in it, for example. I’m viewing this experience the same way.

The reason for the 0.5 is to provide those that want to do mining and ratting with the best possible source of revenue without having to go into low or null. Bearing in mind, of course, it’s highsec.

We’re also very close to lowsec, so there are pvp opportunities there also.

This is probably the best middle of the road option for the time being until we have the capacity (read: numbers) to make our decision, with that time comes, to head to Null or WH.

To reciprocate, IRL:

I work 2 jobs from home and currently live in SC. I have 2 sons, and 2 gorgeous women in my life. The girls homeschool my sons and work a few part time jobs. I totally get how IRL can take you away from the game, so you definitely don’t need to explain any more on that front.

While I’m online almost all day every day, I’m usually only super active and roaming around 3-4 days a week. Otherwise I’m stuck to just chatting, and more recently, trying to grow the corp. It’s actually fitting nicely into my schedule.

Speaking of IRL, the kitchen needs cleaned so it can be dirtied again. If you happen to join the channel and I’m not responding, I’ll be back at my desk shortly. Looking forward to talking to you!

This might be something that I will be looking into evening when I get home. Tried to sent you an in game evemail from Android app but there is no better app out there, I probably ended up sent you a wall of text, sorry about that.

This might want I am looking for instead jump in to it with both feet into a NS or LS and find myself getting lost.

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Hey man!

I wanted to let you know that I got your mail and can read it clearly. :slight_smile: I’ll reply to it shortly. I’m also in EST, and I’ll be online until about midnight tonight.

Swing by when you’re able, I’d like to chat.


We are still recruiting!

As an update:
I’ve met some pretty solid people and have had some good talks in both our pub and corp channels.

Those that have joined so far have taken very active roles in the corp, of their own accord, to see it move ahead. That, to me, is pretty inspiring and motivating to continue to grow it and try to provide them with the kind of environment they want to have in a corp.

It was pretty funny when I explained what I have planned for our first scheduled frigate roam.

“Ok so, the corp is going to fund your ships. We’re going to fleet up, and then we’re going to fly around until we die to a few cruisers or some knob who drops capitals on us.”

“LOL. Wait, you’re serious. So we’re going to go die?”

“Yup! Over and over again until we stop dying. We might not kill anything. Then we will kill 1 thing. Then we will kill some things. Eventually, we will kill a lot of things. But first, we need to learn to die.”

The reaction I got from this was awesome. People started laughing and even the PvE minded were all “Screw it, Im in!”

If there are those that want to move to Null or WH space (still not sure which direction we’re headed just yet), and fly with people wanting to learn many aspects of the game, not just one, please let me know.

The past 2 days, from a game perspective, have been very exciting. I look forward to speaking to even more people, even just for conversation and to hang out.

Fly safe or fly dangerous. Just fly.


Edit to add image of predicted results of frigate roam:


We are still looking to meet new players! It doesn’t matter to us if you want to mine all day, play the market, or PvP.

If you want to come hang out with us, whether it’s doing what you’ve always done, or if you want to learn some new aspects of the game, head over to our public chan: 3NT

Just remember…


I wonder what Dr. Seuss would say…

1 ship
2 ship
Red ship
Blue ship

Bad fit
Good fit
Old fit
New fit

This one has a little mark
This one held a pod and made him bark
Say! What a lot
Of ships embark.

Yes, some are red. And some are blue.
Some are old. And some are new.

Some are sad.
And some are glad.
And some are very, very bad.

Why are they
Sad and glad and bad?
I do not know.
Go ask your dad.

Some are sneaky.
And some are cloaked.
Look, that rorqual
Is being poked.

From there to here, from here to there,
Funny fits
Are everywhere.

Here are some
Who like to run.
They run for fun.
At zero, near the hot, hot sun.

Oh me! Oh my!
Oh me! Oh my!
What a lot of funny fits go by.

Some have two stabs
And some have four.
Some have six stabs
And some have more.

Where do they come from? I can’t say.
But I bet they’ll be podded soon, and sent away.

We see them come,
We see them go.
Some are fast.
And some are slow.

Some fit bad highs
And some fit bad lows.
Not one of them
Is like another.
Don’t ask us why.
Go ask your mother.

Look at his cyno!
One, two, three…
How many new ships
Do I see?

One, two, three, four,
Five, six, seven,
Eight, nine, ten,
He has eleven!

This is something new.
I wish I had Eleven, too!

Still recruiting!

Caldari Navy Faction Warfare.

Highsec industrialists and pvp pilots very welcome!

Still recruiting!

Update: +5 standings established for Nullsec alliances. We now have access to Nullsec PI, ratting, and ore when we’re not pvping! :slight_smile:

Still recruiting and going strong! :slight_smile:

Still recruiting!

Eve skill training explained.

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Still recruiting! :smiley:

Most corps be like… But not us!

Looking for pilots from all walks of life! :slight_smile:



New to FW?
New to Nullsec?
New to Highsec (… … ?)

Good news! We have a training regimen that works for everyone! :smiley:


Still looking for more pilots! :smiley: