Delete delete moderator delete please this post

Wow. Still trying to the old wormhole rental scam still? I just can’t believe people would still fall for that. Then again you all did scam like several dozen people on wormhole rentals.

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Everyone knows that HK is the most reputable WH rental alliance. I’m sure that if you ask to rent another hole they will make good on their word and offer it half off.


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because of this message, they want to kill my citadel tomorrow… :frowning:


Man, this good reading…more of this and less bs about Test/Goons/Pl/h

well if you spread that type of message you should expect a response to that
also if you have a citadel you have money to replace that.

Anyone who is dumb enough to fall for this deserves to lose their isk. Stop being morons who are this desperate to be a krab that you’d let greed blind you to how obvious this scam is.

Rental systems from large alliances is scam, well, we will know.
yeah… newcomers are interested. Welcome. fly with us.

and that the forum proceedings are not related to real-life threats? I won’t write anything else, ■■■■ it Liberian community…

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I agree the libtards certainly have taken over these forums… No hate speech… LMFAO define “hate speech” it’s undefinable as it’s purely subjective.

Another reason why EVE is dying it’s being run by SJW’s - get woke, go broke :wink:

Screw em mate, keep your isk it’s all gonna go poof within the next year anyway :wink:

Of all the retarded comments on this dumb thread, yours takes the cake. You managed to sound more idiotic then a guy who put his sentences through google translate.

You sir are clearly dumb enough to not understand how to use the reply mechanic to a post.

Don’t throw shade at people of your own IQ level.

Is this actually real?

hilarious :rofl::joy:

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Hahah the rental “contract” even has a KRAB image. HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

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