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(Cleaning Lady) #1

Hello! It is Cleaning Lady with my first big hangar to clean! I have :

HANGAR Firesale.

At 6QBH-S IV - 13, public station. Someone is leaving the area and I am helping find new home for this great deal!

I will see what I can get, but I would like to get at least 15.5 for this! Post on here a bid and send message.

(Cleaning Lady) #2

Still for sale! Great deal!

(Cleaning Lady) #3

Still in Stain! Waiting for an owner! Lots of very nice, fit ships!

(Cleaning Lady) #4

Great deal! Save money and buy direct!

(Cleaning Lady) #5

Reducing to 15.5B!

(Tiddle Jr) #6

:thinking: is it sold or just handed over to Selphentine’s care sale center?

(Cleaning Lady) #7

It sold! Hello Mr. Tiddle!

(system) #8

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