WTB Old stuff/Hangars!

Hello! It is Cleaning Lady! I am looking to clean hangars of old across the universe! Check your assets for old things, ships, modules, anything that could help my friendly new corporation and members out! We are stocking for a good corporation hangar so we can help our members learn how to PVE, Mission, PVP, mine, explore, produce, everything! Please consider selling me or donating old items from your large list of scattered assets!

Contact Cleaning Lady or send contracts my way! :man_with_gua_pi_mao::raised_hands:

Contact Cleaning Lady! I am ready to help you organize your life! :woman_mechanic:

Looking to help you today! Contact Cleaning Lady! :woman_mechanic:

Always looking for old piles of junk no one wants! One person’s space trash is another corporations treasure!

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