Hangar Cleaning! 🏪

Hello, it is Cleaning Lady! I am here to offer hangar cleaning, you know, those old hangars and assets across the galaxy you’ve looked at for months or years but have yet to get? Turn them into something great and let Cleaning Lady clean them out! I am putting together a new corporation and stockpiling simple modules and ships and blue prints for friends to grow and learn. I think this way we can turn old unused things into great training equipment.

If you have any questions or would like to speak, feel free to contact Cleaning Lady!

<3 CL

So you are looking for donations I take it? O would you be doing this as a paid service; evepraisal minus 15% or something? How would you be able to pick up assets stranded in deep null-sec? Would you be trying to make standings with nullsec entities to pick this stuff up or do we still have to move this to a trade hub for you?

Donations are always accepted, I try to haul everything I can out myself from any space. I can also offer money for hangars at some kind of percent of evepraisal yes! :smiley: If I can not get them myself, I many times put them back up onto the market and try to sell or maybe contact the corporations that own them. If you like to move, it always makes it easier, but I am not fearful of flying into the abyss :slight_smile: I like low security.

Cleaning Lady available today!

Still available! Online today!

I can offer her services! :wink:

Online today, contract away or send message to Cleaning Lady!

Hello! It is Cleaning Lady! I am available today! Contact me with any questions!

Always looking for great items to add to our hangars to hand out to new people!

Looking for old dusty hangars and ships to supple an army of new people!

Always Cleaning! 7 - Days - A - Week! \o/ :smiley:

Check old assets! Have old frigate here and there? Maybe a batch of old blueprints never to be used? Contact Cleaning Lady!

What about a load of ore in low security? Maybe lots of old faction warfare frigates? It will all help! Let us help you help us! :tipping_hand_woman:

I bet you have some old guns somewhere? Or a pile of T1 ammunitions! It all is great! Send me a mail! Let’s talk! Thank you :hugs:

Any old blueprint copies you can’t get rid of? What about a stack of shuttles in Okkamon? 6,000 crystals in Null? Contact Cleaning Lady!

Hangar Cleaning still available today this Sunday! It is raining and dirty and call Cleaning Lady!

Looking for new and used and unloved frigates for fun low security roams! Maybe you have a few! Check assets and contact Cleaning Lady!

Maybe you have some construction materials for T2 parts? We are always in need! Contact Cleaning Lady and make your life simpler! :smiley:

Very awesome to work with!!! tryed to over pay for some stuff a couple times. i sent multiple billion + contracts and they were negotiated and paid like clockwork every time. very awesome to deal with. Will do buisness with the Cleaning Lady again!

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Always looking for old things! Contact Cleaning Lady! Have a good Monday!