Amarr Space High Security Courtesy Services

Antisocial behavior toward the service provider(s) will result in a perma-block!

Join LR Courtesy Services mailing list in-game.

Station Container Service:
Need a station container but none available at your desired location?
I will come to your location and supply your need. Amarr Hisec space only.

General Public: Jita Pricing
Alliance members pay material & contract fee costs only! (Avg. 14335 ISK/container)

Additional Services:

Salvage Service (High Sec ONLY):
Greatly speed your ISK/hr by hiring me to salvage your sites on your behalf! No time wasted between missions or other combat sites! No loss of potential income! Best deal in EVE!
Honest, trustworthy, and ethical service provider.

All looted items belong to the mission runner. Salvage from the wrecks constitutes payment to the service provider.

How it works:

Send an email or PM to Pazuzu Khoshek to check availability or request service.

  1. NO FLEET REQUIRED. No need to dilute/share your bounties or mission rewards!
  2. You MUST “Abandoned all wrecks” so I can salvage them for you. I will NEVER go “suspect” to salvage a site.
  3. You will place a bookmark in my shared Salvage Folder (link will be provided) using the naming convention of System Name and a number identifier for systems with multiple salvage locations. Ex: Dresi I; Dresi II; Dresi IIa; etc. A bookmark must be added for every pocket of a site.
  4. I will only enter the site AFTER it has been fully cleared. Sites containing remaining missile batteries/sentry guns will only be salvaged to the extent possible without taking damage from them.
  5. Items will be contracted to you at the completion of your last site. The contract length will be 3 days. It is your responsibility to accept the contract before expiry. Failure to accept the contract will result in the loss of items.

Suggestions for additional courtesy services should be sent to Pazuzu Khoshek via email with the subject “Courtesy Service”.


The station containers service is a good idea. So many times in the past I have moved bases and when I looked on the market - no containers near. So I am glad you are starting this service. I wish you the best and I hope people make use of it.

Nice name too :slight_smile:

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